The Creator

Reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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.... Supersoft .... 48k disk/cassette....

The CREATOR is a player-missile graphics design aid and is very similar to Channel 8's The Constructor. In fact it is so similar it could be a prototype.

A grid is presented on screen 22 bytes high by 8 wide on which points can be plotted with the joystick to form an image which the program then stores as a player. Several editing features are included but some are missing such as the ability to scroll the entire image left or right or up and down. Up to 99 images can be drawn and then put together in an animation sequence. When you are satisfied, these can be saved to cassette or disk as either a file or a program in BASIC.

This type of program is intended to take the hard work out of designing players for inclusion in your own programs and it does help but I have always felt (and this applies to The Constructor also) that if you are sufficiently advanced to incorporate player-missile graphics in your own programs, you should have no problem in either designing your own players or writing a simple utility to do it for you. Most programs of this nature just end up being fun to play with in their own right.

At 15 for the disk version and 10 for the cassette this is way overpriced (as is The Constructor) and with ANALOG having just published a Player/Missile Animator/Editor, I feel that the life of The Creator is limited.