Rescue Mission Boot Tape Maker

by Geoffrey Thompson



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85


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Cassette users will find that there is a long delay each time RESCUE MISSION from issue 12 is run as the program checks the data, unnecessarily, each time it is run. The following program will create a boot tape.

Type in and CSAVE this listing, ensuring first that it is correctly typed. RUN your original version of RESCUE MISSION and when the program asks you if you are 'Ready to run?' answer N (No).

Now CLOAD in the boot tape listing and RUN it. You will be asked to place a tape in the cassette deck and when you press return a boot copy of RESCUE MISSION will be created on this tape. To play the game in future, you need only boot up the tape by holding START as you switch on the computer.

AtariLister - requires Java