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Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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Well, you've done it again! Every single contribution (except one review by the Editor!) received a vote in the Annual Readers Poll. This once again shows what a diverse range of interest there is amongst Atari owners and, hopefully, confirms that we get the balance right. Here are the winners

First:      THE HARDWARE FACTS by John J. Smith
Second:  HOUSE OF SECRETS by David Blease
Third:      FIRST STEPS by Mark Hutchinson

The winner has received the top award of 50 of software of his choice whilst the two runners up each receive a copy of the book Computer Animation Primer valued at 19.95.

Congratulations to the above and congratulations to all the other contributors during the year. Even if you did not win you have the satisfaction of knowing that your article, review or program gave sufficient enjoyment to others for them to vote it in the top three contributions.

Another year begins. How about an article or program?