Hard Hat Mack

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 16

Jul/Aug 1985

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Electronic Arts
Disk only

HARD HAT MACK comes from the same company who were responsible for Pinball Construction Set and Archon. The company has a good reputation for high quality software and, in most cases, this reputation is well deserved. So what about HARD HAT MACK?

The game is basically a platform game with the action taking place on a construction site. On Level 1 MACK has to travel up and down the various girders, plugging the gaps with small metal plates which he has to rivet in place with the aid of a pneumatic drill. At the same time he must avoid the clutches of the evil Otto.

Level 2 finds MACK trying to collect all the lunch boxes at the end of the tea-break before making his way to the top of the screen on a convenient moving girder. The Vandal makes his first appearance on this level looking a lot like 'Vivian' the punk rocker from The Young Ones. A real video-nasty if ever I saw one! On Level 3 MACK must gather up the loose bricks and deposit them in the store at the bottom of the screen. What comes after that is anybody's guess as I have not managed to complete that level.

I have to say that I found HARD HAT MACK to be a very ordinary game which does not stand up well against superior platform games like MR ROBOT and MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE. The program seems to be in Graphics 8 using artifacting for the colours which just does not work on the PAL system. The game objects are hard to make out and only become clear when you turn off the colour and play in black and white.

The trouble with setting high standards is having to maintain them and I'm afraid that Electronic Arts have not made their own grade with this one.