Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 16

Jul/Aug 1985

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SNOKIE is one of two games by the American company Funsoft which are currently available here, the other being FLAK.

SNOKIE, the character, belongs to a strange breed called sno-birds who are distantly related to the penguins. They live deep in the lands of the frozen north. They are highly intelligent and good at jumping but they cannot fly and are afraid of water.

In this game, SNOKIE's girlfriend, CAM has been captured by the evil 'Grodies' and if SNOKIE cannot find her and rescue her in time she will be forced to marry the despicable MAX, leader of the Grodies. This is where the fun begins. SNOKIE must travel through many screens to reach CARA facing untold dangers such as snow-boulders, glacier caverns, moving ice blocks, falling icicles, ice lasers and cold rays. There are seven distinct game phases and each one is a complicated puzzle in itself. None of them are particularly easy to master and no doubt you will experience more than a little frustration as you attempt to battle your way throughout the game. On top of all this, time is very critical and you must complete each game phase before the timer runs out or lose a life. Itís no picnic, this game!

I found the ICE FERRY to be the most difficult phase of the lot with the other phases not far behind! Funsoft do allow a certain amount of leeway though. They have incorporated a 'Just for Fun' mode which allows you to start the game from any phase you have completed in a previous game. You do not score any points when playing in this mode but it does give you the chance to practice the various game phases. A most welcome feature I can tell you!

If you do manage to reach CARA prepare yourself for a shock. She is ten times the size of little SNOKIE and looks something like the penguin version of a lady wrestler. MAX is quite welcome to her if you ask me!

SNOKIE is another good 16k program and a bargain at only £8.45 on cassette and £11.45 on disk. Note that it is extremely difficult to play and may not therefore appeal to everybody. If you get a chance have a look before you buy it.