Shooting Gallery

by Geoff Thompson



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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You must shoot the moving targets by using the joystick to position the cross over the target and then pressing the button. The most important target is the one that moves across the windows of the house. Hit 15 of these and you go on to the next level, miss 10 and the game is over. The inverse number on the far right of the score line shows the number of misses. The flag and plane are bonuses but you only have 25 bullets per level. The space bar will pause and re-start the game.

Cassette and disk users should type in listing 1. SAVE or CSAVE a copy, then RUN the program. Answer the cassette/disk question accordingly and the program will then check each line of data and create a boot tape or disk version. To load the boot tape, remove all cartridges then turn on the computer while holding down the START key. Disk users should type in listing 2 and save with whatever filename you wish on the same disk as "D:TARGET.OBJ". You can then RUN the program by typing RUN "D:(your filename)".
TARGET PRACTICE should work in 16K cassette systems, but there may be some screen interference when it loads.

Listing 1

AtariLister - requires Java