Castle Morgue

by David Blease



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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All the kingdoms of the known world have a Princess but many have sinister and evil beings that seek to gain power by kidnap and ransom. The beautiful Princess Maecina has been captured by such wretches and is held captive deep in the recesses of the Castle Morgue. As principal knight of the kingdom you have spent many months searching for the Princess and have come at last to the drawbridge of the mighty Castle Morgue. The princess lies close at hand and your task is nearly complete but there are many dangers lurking within. Can you overcome these dangers and reach the Princess? Having found her are you then strong and clever enough to escape?

Castle Morgue is a text adventure in similar vein to House of Secrets (PAGE 6, Issue 10) but has many improvements. The split screen is redrawn during the vertical blank period getting rid of those occasional glitches of colour. The response time remains very fast and the screen layout has been improved. There are 43 locations and a large vocabulary. As before every problem has a logical solution and there are no 'magic' words.

Typing it in should be easier as there are few graphics characters used and only the occasional command needs to be abbreviated. The program just squeezes into 32k. Be sure to SAVE a copy before running and if using cassette I recommend that you CSAVE at least two copies. The program can be typed in several sections by using LIST to save each section and ENTER to combine all sections into one program that can then be saved.

If you want to play Castle Morgue without getting clues from the listing or just don't fancy all that typing disk users can obtain a copy of the Issue 17 disk from PAGE 6 priced 3.95 and cassette users can obtain a tape direct from the author. Send 2.50 to David Blease, 31, Melcombe Avenue, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7TF. Tel. 0305 771230. Please remember to include your name and address and ensure they are legible.

AtariLister - requires Java