BC's Quest For Tires

Reviewed by Jeremy Askew



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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Sierra On-Line

16k ROM

This game is set in the Stone Age with the player controlling a caveman called B.C. who rides on a stone wheel. B.C. has to complete various stages having many hazards on his way to finding his girlfriend. To avoid the hazards he can jump, duck, go backwards and forwards and increase or decrease speed. The game is set on a multiple scrolling screen which is very cleverly done. B.C. is in the foreground which scrolls quite fast. The background and clouds both also scroll at different speeds. The graphics are very good and are created in a cartoon style. The game is amusing in places, especially when a cavewoman says 'JUMP SUCKER'. It's a shame the game is not very addictive. This is because once you have completed it there is not much of a challenge left. It is not a game I play a lot, maybe just once in a while to show off its graphics.