Bug Club Call

by Mike Wilkinson



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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Well, could I begin by apologising for missing the last couple of BUG CLUB CALLs but I was a bit late for the copy dates. I did actually apologise in the last issue for missing the issue before but I was a bit late with that too!. I am trying to make it a regular feature. Basically, amongst a lot of uninteresting writing, the crux of the last column was informing everyone that we have changed the location of our meetings, due to the conversion of the Matador into a temporary swimming pool. The Matador has since re-opened but we like our new place so much we have decided to stay. You can now find us at THE ROYAL GEORGE, Digbeth High Street. It is directly opposite St Martins Church, a stone's throw from the Matador.

So, what's been happening since then? Well, most of it seems old hat now, and what doesn't will do by the time you read it but I don't intend to miss the deadline this time!

Some months ago we had a Macintosh brought in to play around with to show what kind of a machine the ST would be like. Then, some weeks before they were available, Software Express let us borrow a 130XE to play around with for the night. A couple of weeks later we received a present from John Spring, proprietor of Computer World in Broad Street. We cannot thank him enough for the donation of a 130XE to the club. At the next main meeting we had a visit from Paul Woakes of 'Encounter' fame. He brought along a prototype of his new game 'Mercenary' for us to play with and even asked for our ideas and criticisms. Now, if you thought the graphics on Encounter were stunning you want to see what is coming up this time.

And now it is time to thank Andre Willey again. By the time this goes to print, the 520ST should be available and most of you will have seen it, but it's only June at the moment and last week good old Andre managed to get hold of not just the computer but a 3" drive, monitor and printer too. It is very impressive but just a little too large to fit on my desk. We did have a little trouble with the printer but it was only development software.

A new section has now been established within the club. I don't know what you'd call them but they get their kicks by ripping machines apart and adding things to them and interfacing and serial bussing and that kind of thing. If that's your scene then you need to look up Wilf Coton to find out what they're about.

There is also some very good user written software being demonstrated and developed at the club. Scamp and Russ's Character Editor are two excellent examples. They make my programs look silly in comparison. So if you want to see the new generation of computer millionaires in action you should be at BUG on a Thursday night! We know there are a lot more users out there that are not members yet so why don't you drop in one night and see what we can interest you in.