Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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Having to buy most software by mail order means that you often have to take a chance on the quality of the product. In order to give you some help, Atari have started a ‘Software Approval Scheme' in which they will regularly evaluate software and issue an 'Atari Approved Software' label for the best. Among those software packages to have earned approval so far are EARTHVIEWS and SPACE BASE from Antic, RESCUE FROM FRACTALUS and BALLBLAZER from Activision, PAPERCLIP AND B-GRAPH from Batteries Included, PRINT SHOP and BANK STREET MUSIC WRITER from Broderbund, MICROBASE+ from Silicon Chip, ACTION! and BASIC XE by O.S.S., ZORRO and KENNEDY APPROACH from U.S. GOLD, HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY from Infocom, pFORTH from Bignose Software, THE FACTORY by Hesware, SYNCALC by Synapse and, finally, PINBALL CONSTRUCTION SET and SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD from Ariolasoft.

Most of these titles should be available from your local dealer but if you have difficulty try Software Express on 021 384 5080.


Ariolasoft, who already have an exclusive licensing deal with Electronic Arts and Broderbund to release their products in this country, have now signed an agreement with the Canadian firm Batteries Included, a company noted for its support of Atari in the 'serious' field. Ariolasoft will be bringing out Batteries Included's new range of integrated software for the ST which includes a stock portfolio manager, word processor, combined spreadsheet and graphics package and a database manager.


Mirrorsoft, another of Robert Maxwell's companies, have under development for the ST a program that could change the face of club and society newsletters and small publications. Entitled FLEET STREET EDITOR it is a full design and layout system for small publications capable of driving a phototypesetter. The package for the ST is being designed by the person responsible for the Daily Mirror's own page make-up software and is expected to be available early next year.


If you have missed the announcements elsewhere, think now about buying a friend a Christmas present. The 800XL with joystick is now £69.95 and a pack with a data recorder sells at £99. If you want something for yourself how about upgrading to a 130XE with 1050 disk drive and four pieces of software for £265? Or you can get a 1027 printer thrown in for a total of £350. The bargains keep coming!


W. E. Electronics who have advertised add-ons in past issues have advised that 'due to commitments in other areas' it will be unable to support its computer peripheral products and cannot take further orders. After sales support to previous purchasers will continue.


MERCENARY - Escape from Targ needs no further recommendation other than to say it is the successor to ENCOUNTER one of the finest British programs of last year. A combination of flight simulator, adventure and arcade fun it promises to show once again that not all the top software comes from the States.

What does it look like? See for yourself.



We have had numerous enquiries over the past couple of years for a means of digitising pictures on the Atari. Now a company in the States has introduced COMPUTEREYES which retails at £130 for the basic unit. With it you can digitise any printed image, but you can do more. An attachment is available for a video camera and special transfer sheets can be purchased enabling iron-on transfers for tee-shirts to be made on an ordinary dot-matrix printer. For further details contact Digital Vision, 14 Oak St. #2, Needham, MA 02192, U.S.A


... The ST OS ROM should be available by now. At the time of writing the price to those who already have an ST is said to be £12.

... There are rumours that you will shortly be able to buy the ST in bits such as the CPU on its own.

... Attributed to Jack Tramiel - 'We'll be having higher capacity disks (for the ST), CD ROMs will be available in early 1986 and we'll also have higher resolution colour graphics in the machine'.

... A 'well informed source' in the States claims that Atari sold 50,000 (yes!) 520STs in the first six weeks on sale, thus outselling the Macintosh.