Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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We will publish the update column in future issues to advise you of any errors, amendments or enhancements to programs or articles in previous issues. If it's not here you can assume that it was right in the first place!

DRAUGHTS (Issue 16). We had dozens of explanations of why this did not work on the 800 but only two readers got it right. The problem is a bug in the 800 OS which wipes out 64 bytes past RAMTOP when 'clear screen' is printed. The fix is simply to change line 10000 to

10000 POKE 106,PEEK{106)-10:Q=PEEK(106)+2: N=Q*256

Disk subscribers will find an amended version on this issue's disk.

BLACK BOX (Issue 16). An occasional error creeps in at line 8130. Change the first part of the line to

Z= INT(RND(0)* 100)+ 1

RENUM (Issue 17). The number in the USR call in the text should be 32768 to match the listing.

X-Y-ZAP (Issue 17). Allan Knopp writes to tell us that a small bug has crept in so that the score is not shown when all the lives have been lost. Change line 700 to

700 POSITION 4,7: ? #6; "high score";HSC

Allan also advises that the player movement routine used {also used in Kanga) is by Tom Hudson and from The Analog Compendium.

RADIOTELETYPE (BEYOND ATARI - Issue 17). Mr R C Marsh has written to say that Maplin make a kit for a RTTY terminal for use with the Atari {Kit no. LK53 H) and that Maplin Magazine published a comprehensive article in their September 1984 issue.