Grand Prix II

By Chris Darkes


Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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Grand Prix II is a one or two player game requiring joysticks to race your car(s) against the fourteen cars controlled by the computer. You have a plan view of the track with safe cornering speeds shown on the inside of each bend. You will have to exceed these speeds to win but if you take a bend at a speed in excess of 30 m.p.h. above the safe speed your speed will reduce to the safe bend speed simulating a skid, and your tyres' life will be reduced. Fuel and tyres are reduced as the game progresses. If the tyres reach 10 you have to keep to safe cornering speeds. Reduce your tyre strength to 0 and you will be wiped off screen and take no further part in the race. The same applies if your fuel reaches 0.

Player one's speed, tyres, fuel, and current lap will be shown on the bottom left of screen, with the same information for player two on the bottom right. Above players two's position and lap readout, 'POS=' will show the position of each car as it passes the finishing line during the race so you can see exactly which cars are the leaders. If a down facing arrow is shown the last car to pass the line was a back marker {lower than 9th place). You can access pits on any lap {but not along starting straight) and race from 5 laps and up to 80.

The cars are capable of around 230 m.p.h. with slip streaming but this depends on each cars engine performance. At the start of each race each car receives itís top speed capability and itís accelerating capability, which will not change during that race, then it will receive itís position on the grid. The minimum top speed allowed for each car is 160 m.p.h. You accelerate by pressing fire button, decelerate by releasing button and brake by pulling joystick back.

Player one's car is yellow, player two's black. Pressing the 'X' key at any time during race will pause the action and erase the yellow {player one) car. Press any number key to continue the race and then computer car No.14's condition is shown in place of player one's. Note that player two {black car) will be erased automatically by the computer if the fire button on joystick 2 is not pressed at start of race, after this it cannot be taken out of race unless forced by lack of tyres or fuel. You can, if you wish, take no part in the race and just sit back and watch the computer cars compete. When you erase either player or both the computer will use that player's colour for some of its cars.

At the end of the race the FINISHING RESULTS screen will appear and will list the driver's finishing positions.


Yellow computer cars are driven by the most experienced and have the better chance of the faster cars. The driver's experience and car performance then reduce through blue then red to the most inexperienced, and least likely to receive a hot car, represent by black.


X Exit yellow car **

S Pits for player one

P Pits for player two

SPACE Pause **

ESC Terminate race

** Note. Press number keys to resume after these key strokes.


From original screen (FINISHING RESULTS) you can access a DATA CHANGE SCREEN by pressing 'D', or you can access the NAME CHANGE SCREEN by pressing 'N'.


With player one's joystick select race length (default is 20 laps) then press fire to input new selection, and continue through this screen changing whatever default settings you wish, they will stay at your new set values till you access this screen again when they will revert to default. On this screen you can change laps, visual speed (cars will appear to go faster to it's actual speed, effectively making the track seem longer or shorter to the cars), computer car's handicap (higher the setting the less competitive they will be), and player one and player two handicaps (works the same way as computer handicap to allow different skilled player's to compete on a equal chance of success).


Press 'E' to cycle through driver's numbers and names. Player one is car 15 and player two is car 16. When you have the desired name, change letters with player one's joystick and by pressing 'E' the changed name will be entered into memory. Press 'ESC' to exit screen.

If you would like to have a permanent copy of Grand Prix II with the changed names just load game in the usual way and press 'N' for the screen, alter names then press 'SYSTEM RESETí and save to tape using the cassette save routine (Listing 7) or to disk by saving locations $5COO to $9COO. Run address is at location $7000. Note. You must not race and then save the game.

Disk Loader

AtariLister - requires Java


binary .obj