Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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Electronic Arts/Ariolasoft
48k cassette 9.95
48k disk 14.95
1/2 players

If you follow the sport of basketball American style, you will be familiar with the term 'one-on-one'. For the uninitiated it simply means one against one and in this sports simulation you can enjoy a basketball shakedown against the computer or a friend.

The game itself was written in conjunction with American pro-basketball players, Julius Erving and Larry Bird and you have the option of controlling a computer version of either player. Several difficulty levels are selectable at the start of every game, ranging from 'Park and Rec' (easy) through to 'Pro' (very hard) and you can also set a number of game parameters to choose a timed game with four quarters of play or to play to a set score, and to have 'winners out' or 'losers out' after a score is made. If all these terms sound like double-dutch to you, don't worry as they are clearly explained in the instructions enclosed with the program.

The actual play centres around one end of the court only. Joystick control of your player is surprisingly easy and all offensive and defensive manoeuvres such as dribbling, spins, jump-shots, steals and blocks are carried out with a combination of complicated joystick and firebutton commands. Graphics are excellent with some of the slickest animation you are ever likely to see.

Foul plays are catered for in the higher levels of play with the referee putting in a regular appearance to make sure justice is done. There is even a 'fatigue' element built in to the game and bar graphs at the bottom of the screen indicate how strong/fatigued your player is. When things get critical you can take a 'time out' to restore your player's flagging strength.

ONE-ON-ONE is another game which is best played against a human opponent (the computer is just too damn good!). I would have preferred a full blown basketball game with two separate teams rather than single players but this is certainly a worthwhile alternative.