by A. S. Dewdney


Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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This game is a version of one of the classic computer games and will run on any Atari.

You are the pilot of an old bomber flying low over a deserted city. Suddenly one of your engines fails and you begin to rapidly lose height. The situation looks hopeless when you suddenly realise that you have a full bomb bay! Your only chance is to bomb all the buildings flat so that you can land safely. If you land safely you are awarded 1000 points before going on to another city. The buildings will be higher and your bombs will become less effective. To make things a little easier you have on board 3 emergency boosters which will provide some extra height. You will be awarded an extra booster after clearing each city.

The program is written using Graphics 0 which only permits 2 colours. To make the game more interesting Players have been used to form the sun, clouds and an extra plane.

The effects used in the title page are achieved using the Colourflow program from issue 14 of PAGE 6. When you crash, the whole screen appears to shudder which is done by scrolling the screen up and down. The game also awards ratings and includes a hi-score feature.

Happy Landings.

AtariLister - requires Java