Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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Ariolasoft have just released the first in their mid-price series for the Atari. All titles will retail at 9.95 on disk or 7.95 on cassette. D-Bug is an action strategy game set inside a computer in which you must discover and fix a fault in your computer before continuing with an interrupted game. Axis Assassin is an arcade game of 'kill or be killed' arachnids (spiders) with lots of fast action. To follow will be Kaiser which is a simulation in which you control a small German province with the political ambition of becoming Kaiser of Germany.


Rumours that Atari are leaving the 8-bit field are "definitely not true" according to Les Player of Atari UK. The company remain fully committed to the the 8-bit machines and to demonstrate that commitment have released a new program recorder for the 800XL/130XE. The new unit is the first peripheral not to require a separate power pack as it draws power from the Serial I/O port of the computer. 

Any owners who are looking for a replacement for the 1010 should contact their dealer now for price and availability.


English Software are very excited about their new Atari program Elektraglide which they claim has 'features never, repeat never, seen before on a home computer racing game'. Basically a futuristic Pole Position it features junctions where the track splits in two, curved and straight tunnels, high speed 3-D hazards, perspective scrolling landscapes and steering sensitivity options.

Atari versions require 48k and cost 8.95 for cassette or 12.95 on disk.
The screen shots certainly look impressive.


If you have been deliberating over Superscript (reviewed in issue 17) you may have waited too long! Our review praised the program highly and now the program has been sold to MicroPro who produce the world famous Wordstar. They evidently were impressed by Superscript's capabilities and will now market it in the U.K. under the banner `from the makers of Wordstar'. Trouble is the price has gone up to 79.95 but it is still a program well worth considering even though equivalent imported American word processors are cheaper.


Level 9 have recently released their latest graphic adventure for the Atari and to celebrate are offering FREE posters to anyone who sends a LARGE stamped addressed envelope to Level 9, 'The Worm In Paradise Poster', P.O.Box 39, Weston Super Mare, Avon, BS24 9UR. You don't have to buy the game and the offer is also open to overseas readers who should enclose International Reply Coupons.

The adventure is, of course, The Worm In Paradise, the 3rd part in the Silicon Dream trilogy but the first LEVEL 9 adventure written with their newly developed Adventure system. This will allow Level 9 to improve their adventures - already of a very high standard - even further. Improved text compression techniques allow ordinary English text to be compressed to half its size. Vocabulary is now in excess of 1000 words with an advanced parser which can understand a range of commands and it has multi-tasking. Using separate routines to handle keyboard input, run the game and draw the pictures the program allows players to 'type ahead' whilst the pictures are drawn.

The Worm In Paradise is available now at the usual price of 9.95.


The U.K. software support for Atari continues with Digital Integration releasing their first Atari program, Fighter Pilot. Digital Integration was founded by Dave Marshall and Rod Swift who worked with the Royal Aircraft Establishment and transferred their skills to producing flight simulations for micros. They now have four in-house programmers on of whom is a long time dedicated Atari enthusiast so we can hope to see more programs for the Atari in future.