Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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In issue 13 we published a 1020 handler device for producing listings in 80 columns. The listing would not work on the XL or XE models and several readers have asked for a cassette version. Here then is a simple solution submitted by Jeff Best.

Simply type the following line in direct mode with the program you wish to list in memory.

If you prefer you can save this with a line number of (say) 32000 and LIST it to disk or cassette. Then simply ENTER it with your program in memory and type GOTO 32000.


As this issue was prepared before issue 18 went out we don't know of any problems with the listings but we are sure there won't be any(!).

One apology though, we wrongly credited LISTER on page 58 to Mary Lynch when in fact it was written by Linda Tinkler. Sorry Linda.


for information leading to the prosecution of any person or persons responsible for distributing unauthorised copies of 80 COLUMN Pack or other Computer Support products.

Upon prosecution of the person(s) concerned the reward of 100 plus a free original copy of Ultimon will be given to the person providing the information.

All replies treated in the strictest confidence. Your name will not be disclosed.

Please phone John Lawson at Computer Support on 01 311 7339.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, as they say, we cannot run the Adventure column by Garry Francis this issue. For the past 18 months disks have been flying back and forth across the world and it is a miracle that things have gone so smoothly. For the first time we did not receive Garry's column by the copy date for this issue and we are unable to give adventure fans their regular fix! Let's hope that Garry will be back soon.

In the meantime why not take this opportunity to drop Garry a line and let him know what you would like to see in future columns. Send your ideas, suggestions or comments to Garry Francis, Atari Computer Enthusiasts (N.S.W.), Adventure S.I.G., G.P.O..Box 4514, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia 2001