Sector 10

by Geoff Thompson


Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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Sector 10 is the main energy supply unit for this colony with seven power batteries tapped direct into the core of Celsis 5. As sector guardian you must make regular patrols in your vector fighter to guard against intruders. Although the subversives on Celsis 5 are under control, the nearby planet of Eldon has an energy problem and there are growing reports from off-planet intelligence that they may make an attempt at penetrating Sector 10.

Suddenly, without warning, an Eldon cruiser descends swiftly towards power battery five, then another and another! You must destroy them for if they manage to drain energy from all seven batteries, the core of Celsis 5 will become unstable and the planet will explode. Having wiped out that first attack wave you may sit back thinking your mission is completed but the Eldons come again, this time with supporting defence ships. Whilst no match for your fighter you might be outweighed by sheer numbers. For the Eldons, it is a suicide mission, they may as well die here as at home, but you have no wish to die and neither have the thousands on Celsis 5 who depend on Sector 10 to supply their energy. It will be a long fight.

Sector 10 is played by one player with the joystick. A bonus ship is awarded after 10,000 points. The space bar pauses the action and moving the joystick will resume play.


Cassette and disk users should type in listing 1. SAVE or CSAVE a copy, then RUN the program. Answer the cassette/disk question accordingly and the program will then check each line of data and create a boot tape or disk version. To load the boot tape, remove all cartridges then turn on the computer while holding down the START key. Disk users should type in listing 2 and save with whatever filename you wish on the same disk as "SECTOR.DAT". You can then RUN the program by typing RUN "d:(your filename)".
Sector 10 will only run on 48k or 64k systems.


Listing 2

AtariLister - requires Java