Fighter Pilot


Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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Digital Integration 

48K Disk 12.95 

48K Cassette 9.95

1 player

A couple of days before we completed typesetting on this issue, a copy of FIGHTER PILOT arrived and it became obvious immediately that a simulation of this complexity could not be reviewed fully in the time available. A brief description here then and a full review next issue.

I am sure that the program would have been called F-15 Strike Eagle if that title had not been used already, as it features a full simulation based upon the F15 Eagle, the USAF air superiority jet fighter. The program features a 3-D view from the cockpit, fully aerobatic performance, air-to-air combat, crosswinds, turbulence and blind landing with training modes for each option and a pilot skill rating for each level.

The graphics are superb and the simulation very realistic and initial feelings are that anyone interested in flight simulations should check this - out. We will ask one of our reviewers to put in several flying hours and give you a full mission report next issue.