Issue 20

Mar/Apr 86

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GRAND PRIX (ISSUE 18): Several readers had problems in running a cassette version of Grand Prix due to a couple of errors in the load and save routines. In BOTH the Cassette Loader and Saver routines the figure 39936 in line 30 should be amended to 39935.

Additional points which may help are to slightly amend the procedure for making a cassette. Follow the instructions on page 33 but add - Step 4a. Type NEW (RETURN) - Step 5 a. Type NEW (RETURN) and Step 6a. Switch off and re-boot.

Following these procedures you should have no problems. The main listing is fully correct.

BERTIE (ISSUE 18): The instructions for cassette were not clear. The second listing should be saved immediately after the first by using SAVE "C:". If you then change the CLOAD in line 150 to RUN "C:" the second program will load and run automatically.

Jason Halpin from Ireland suggested the following amendment. Use CSAVE for the second listing as normal and change line 150 of Listing 1 to

150 RESTORE 190: FOR I=1536 TO 1554: READ A: POKE I,A: NEXT I: POKE 764,12: A=USR(1536)

and add lines 190 to 192

190 DATA 162,253,154,169,183,72,169
191 DATA 84,72,169,4,32,182,187,169
192 DATA 255,76,4,187

Listing 2 will then run from the title without any further action.

BLITZ (ISSUE 18): Mr Goodbody from Harrow wrote to point out that the attract mode was not disabled and suggested amending line 1000 to:

1000 BOMB=1: BCH=O: POKE 77,0

LIVINGSTON BBS (ISSUE 18): The telephone number should be 0506 38526 and not as stated.



Boy, did those cards come rolling in! Thousands of them. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill them in (it wasn't really the lure of the prizes was It?).

It will take some time to analyse the results and this issue has to be completed before the closing date. We will publish a list of the prize winners in the next issue and bring you the results of the survey and poll as soon as possible.