Smash Hits Vol. 4

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 20

Mar/Apr 86

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English Software
48K cassette 9.95
48K disk 12.95
1 player


As the name implies, this is the fourth in a series of compilation tapes from English Software. It contains three of their most recent releases - CHOP SUEY, HIJACK and KISSIN' KOUSINS - plus one other new one which I haven't come across before, entitled FIRE CHIEF. The first three games have already been reviewed in previous issues of Page 6, leaving only FIRE CHIEF to be covered here.

This particular game covers two completely different scenes and requires you, first of all, to drive your Fire Chief Mobile along a busy four-laned motorway - dodging traffic at high speed - to reach the offices of English Software in time to thwart the dastardly Phantom Fire Bomber, who is trying to destroy all the pre-release disk copies of Elektraglide. Here, the driving screen gives way to a maze type screen as you fight your way through the advancing flames to retrieve the disks from the safe before they melt into oblivion. From then on the game gets progressively more difficult with even more disks to save but less and less time to do it in. Meanwhile, clues can be collected along the way to help you guess the identity of the Phantom.

At the risk of offending all CHOP SUEY fanatics out there, I have to say that FIRE CHIEF is my favourite game of the four. Graphics and sounds are first-rate and, just for a change, English Software have come up with a game which even I can get to grips with!

Anyway, SMASH HITS No.4 is worth the asking price for CHOP SUEY and FIRE CHIEF alone. Great value for money.