Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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ATARI SPEAKS (ISSUE 19): A few errors crept into the article on building your own speech synthesiser. Many thanks to John Yeeles for the following information.

1. 14 PIN DIL Socket should be 8 PIN DIL
2. 3.7268 MHz CRYSTAL should be 3.2768 MHz 

3. Polarity of C1 is not shown on Figure A +ve should be to the +5v line as the circuit diagram.

In addition, John suggests moving RV1 closer to the edge of the board to use it for mounting in a case.

SECTOR 10 (ISSUE 19): The boot program will not run from cassette with the listing as printed. Change some DATA in line 210. The 5th and 6th DATA statements which are currently 255,31 should be changed to 0,32.

TWO C's (ISSUE 20): The final two paragraphs on page 17 under the heading HIPPO C belong of course to the GST C review. I am sure most of you spotted but apologies to Matthew Jones and to all who are mightily confused!

GRAPHICS WORKSHOP (ISSUE 20): Several readers reported that the program would not run on certain machines even from the disk issue of the magazine. No problem with the listing is known but it appears that RAM must be clear for the display to appear properly. Make sure that you have not run another program beforehand.

BLOCKBREAKER (ISSUE 20): Several readers phoned or wrote to say that the joystick wouldn't work. Please read the intro, it doesn't use a joystick!

If you find any bugs in the listings in PAGE 6 and have been able to solve them please write in with your solution, it may help us to help others.