by Paul Lay


Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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Revenger is an arcade style game played with a joystick which will suit all abilities. Whilst easy at the initial levels it will become quite a challenge for experienced players as the game progresses.

The object is simply to travel in your lunar module from the top of the screen to the bottom and back again whilst avoiding various asteroids travelling across the screen and the occasional alien dropping down from the top. When you reach the bottom, you pick up a stranded arcade player and transport him back up. Oh, by the way, you cannot touch any of the sides or other parts of the grid.

The game is played with one joystick and movement is simply up, down, left and right with the trigger allowing faster movement when pressed. You should find levels 1 - 4 fairly easy, but watch out on level 5 onwards! Good luck with the rescue!