Train Crazy

by Colin Faller


Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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Welcome to TRAIN CRAZY, the game that will have you jumping mad. Your character is Oscar the Ostrich. Oscar is not only plain crazy but Train Crazy as you will find out.

Oscar prefers the fresh air and likes to travel on top of the train. No problem of course until the train comes to a tunnel when Oscar has to run for his life! What makes things worse is the Railway Company don't like birds travelling on top of their trains and so have hung several chains from the overhead wires to deter the 'roof-riders'. They have also hung up some tempting diamonds in the hope that Oscar will jump up and crack his head, but Oscar is smarter than that and can often grab the diamonds for himself.

To help Oscar survive you must duck under the chains and jump up and collect the diamonds as well as jumping between carriages and avoiding the tunnel! The higher the level, the more obstacles there are and you will find it harder to get the diamonds as you progress. At the end of each level, Oscar will jump off the train and your score will be displayed. You will then start the next level or, if you have lost a life, re-start the existing level. Oscar has five lives each game.

There are four ways of losing a life.

1. Getting knocked off the train in the tunnel? 

2. Hitting one of the obstacles.
3. Running out of energy.
4. Jumping too soon for the diamonds and knocking yourself out.


The game is loaded in two parts.

Part One loads the character set and scrolling routine and draws the train. It will take about 33 seconds. When this listing is RUN it will load Part Two automatically.

After about 4 seconds of initialisation once Part Two has loaded, you will hear the train whistle and will then be ready to play. Use a joystick in port land press either the Fire button or START key.

JOYSTICK MOVEMENTS: Up - will make Oscar jump up to catch the diamonds, jump over obstacles and jump from carriage to carriage. You must be careful not to jump too soon or you will hit the objects above the diamonds and lose a life. Down - Makes Oscar duck to avoid the hanging chains.

FIRE BUTTON: Each time you press the Fire buttons, Oscar will move forward. If you take your finger off he will move back with the train. If you don't keep him moving he will go into the tunnel and lose a life.

SCORING: When you first start the game, you are given 28 Energy Units but these decrease as the game progresses. Each time you get a diamond, you get 200 points and an extra 3 Energy Units so you must collect diamonds to complete the game. Each diamond collected will be displayed at the top left of the screen. When the game is over you will be rated, according to your score, as follows.

TRY AGAIN - Less than 4,000 points - not very impressive!
GOOD SCORE - 4,000 points or more.
GREAT SCORE - Over 10,000 points.
EXCELLENT SCORE - Exceeding 15,000 points - no mean feat!

To play again, press either the START key or SYSTEM RESET.

My own highest score to date is 16,455 in 10 levels. Can you do better!


Type in both Listings. 400/800 owners should make sure they change line 10 of listing 2 as indicated in the REM statement for that line. Cassette users should change line 380 of listing 1 as indicated in the REM statement for that line.

TO SAVE ON DISK: Save the first listing with SAVE "D:TRAIN" and the second listing on the same disk with SAVE "D:CRAZY". To play the game type RUN "D:TRAIN".

SAVE ON CASSETTE: Save the first listing with CSAVE. Leave a tape in position and save the second listing with SAVE "C:". Rewind the tape and CLOAD. Type RUN and the first part will automatically load and RUN the second listing.

Listing 1

Listing 2