Issue 22

Jul/Aug 86

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You might be forgiven for feeling that we have some connection with Ariolasoft for every issue seems to mention them. The fact is that they are one of the few companies to have a regular schedule of releases for Atari and to let people know what they are doing. Good for them, they will continue to get our support and deserve yours.

This issue brings news of a cassette version of Archon II priced at 9.95. Archon has already been reviewed by PAGE 6 and Archon II is reported to be better although we have not yet seen it.

On disk priced at 14.95 is Racing Destruction Set, a computerised 1 or 2 player slot-car racing game. The game features a split screen with 50 of the world's top racing circuits and a choice of ten different vehicles, 14 gravity settings(?) and four backgrounds. Circuits and vehicles can be customised and you can drive Grand Prix, motocross, roadrace, dirt track and more. Lots more options, sounds like great fun!

Continuing with their excellent `Home Productivity' range May saw the release of B/Graph on two disks at 29.95. Aside from being the only serious graphing package available for the Atari, B/Graph received rave reviews when it was first released by Batteries Included a couple of years ago. Anyone interested in putting their Atari to serious use should look out for this. Pie graphs, bar charts, line and area graphs each with up to three factors and 100 data points and a lot more besides.


For all those hooked on Mercenary, Novagen are offering a unique enhancement to the game in the form of the Targ Survival Kit, a unique package of a poster, fact sheets, a booklet and Mercenary badge. Very nicely produced and costing just 3.95 mail order direct from Novagen.

Due for imminent release is a second data set for Mercenary entitled THE SECOND CITY. Using the load game feature of the original game a whole new scenario is presented which the authors claim will provide a really tough challenge for all those who have escaped from Targ. THE SECOND CITY is available on cassette at 5.95 or disk at 9.95.

Mercenary II is scheduled for the end of the year if you are still hooked!


'You find yourself in a smoke filled shop. Your task is to rescue as much software as possible and start trading again in the shortest time possible!'. That was the real life situation confronting John Spring of The Atari Center in Broad Street, Birmingham just as we delivered the last issue of PAGE 6! The people next door were not doing too well so decided to let the insurance company provide the profits! They were carted off by the police but not before a huge pall of smoke and soot descended on a lot of Atari software. Undaunted, John Spring and his staff set about stripping out the shop, re-decorating and restocking. Just three days later they were back in business.

The enforced lay-off gave them a chance to re-evaluate and John Spring now claims that The Atari Center is 'stronger than ever' and even more firmly committed to provide on going support for the 8-bit and VCS Ataris.


The highly praised ST Adventure, The Pawn will reportedly be available on the 400/800/130XE later this year with 'no compromises on quality'. Hard to believe after seeing the ST version but if Magnetic Scrolls pull out all the stops for the 8-bit machines you could be playing the new definitive Adventure by Christmas.


Fancy a synthesiser? We recently received from DigiComm comprehensive details of their MIDI music system for the 400/800/XL or XE computers. Featuring a MIDI interface and 16 track Recorder software it enables you to hook up a synthesiser to your Atari and do whatever it is that computers and synthesisers do together! It is hard to comment on the system as four pages of printed information don't sound the same as Rick Wakeman(!) but if you want more details drop a line to DigiComm, 170, Bradwell Common Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK13 8BG.