Hidden Depths

by Philip Dennis


Issue 22

Jul/Aug 86

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You are part of the crew of one of the few surviving submarines following a devastating Nuclear war. Your original underwater base is in an area now controlled by the enemy. Having found a new base you must try and make as many hazardous trips as possible into enemy held territory to remove supplies from the shelter in the enemy zone (Home 1) to a safer shelter (Home 2) in a non enemy controlled zone. Your submarine has a leaking ballast tank and can only remain stable by pumping air into this tank. As you proceed through each mission the enemy will set mines at random heights and later will try to impede you by raising nets. There is no limit to how many missions you make but it is harder as you progress through each skill level.


The joystick will control all movement of the submarine. Left and right controls the forward and backward movement. Moving the joystick up will force air into the ballast tanks. Too much air will force the submarine to rise too quickly whilst too little will cause it to sink to the ocean floor.

You have 3 lives only and must avoid hitting mines, nets, rocks or the sides of the screen and must not rise to the surface as the air is contaminated.


You gain points for staying mobile and get 100 points extra for each successful mission completed. Your air supply is limited so you must strike a balance between continual movement and conservation of air.


The opening screen will ask you for a skill level from 1 - 9. Simply press the appropriate key and the screen will go blank for a few seconds before the playfield appears. At the end of each game your score will be displayed and you will be given an opportunity to select a new skill level.