Issue 23

Sep/Oct 86

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2 Bit Systems are to extend their range of musical hardware add-ons for the Atari with a new MIDI interface and a hardware Drumkit. The latter is entitled Percussion Master and will be available for 48k or 64k machines. The comprehensive array of built in drum sounds can be supplemented by your own samples from the company's Replay system. The entire range of products will also be available shortly for the ST.


Software company S.E.C.S. have released the first two titles in their planned range of Atari software. The first is a true multi-tasking Forth language entitled Go-Forth which comes on disk complete with a 70 page manual at 24.99. The user of Go-Forth can write programs for commercial use without need for a run time license and indeed S.E.C.S. encourage users to write commercial software with this package. They will even assist in putting the right software onto the market.

The other release is Font Constructor, written with the aid of GoForth, which enables programmers to design and edit character sets to include animation. Font Constructor is also on disk at the low price of 6.99.


At the CES show in Chicago last June several companies set out to prove that publicity and interest in the ST has not diminished the interest in the 8-bit machines and, as predicted in our recent editorial, several companies who came into the market with ST products are now planning 8-bit releases. Among these is Haba Arrays who have a financial planning package entitled Get Rich. Artworx have re-released their Bridge program and have a new release entitled Peggammon. Softsync have another financial program called Personal Accountant and several companies have new educational programs, some of which may only be suitable for the American market. Among these are Spinnaker, and Britannica Learning. Several companies showed hardware add-ons and there are developments in the area of-enhancing the 8-bit machines with a mouse from one company and GEM-like windows from another. There were many other 8-bit products on show. Who said 8-bit was dead?


Atari Adventurers are in for a treat this year as Robico Software convert their best-selling BBC adventures to the Atari XL/XE machines. These text adventures will not be just straight conversions but will be enhanced to take advantage of the Atari's capabilities. The first release will be RICK HANSON, part of a trilogy, which will have ten more locations added to make a total of 230, a few extra problems and `a vast amount of text'. The parser can handle full sentences and multiple statements of the nature 'Fill the bottle with water, get the blue book, the book with the red cover and the yellow book and examine all the books apart from the red one'. Wow!

The Atari version is being converted by Nick Gregory using a customised version of The Slave, an adventure writing utility available separately, and Robico are confident that the program will be first class.

Other titles to follow are Project Thesius, Island of Xaan and the 'mega-adventure' Enthar Seven. All titles will be available only on disk retailing at 14.95. Enthar Seven will be 17.95.


Blue Ribbon have reduced the prices of their existing titles to 1.99 and have introduced five new Atari titles - Nightmare Maze, Screwball, Darts, Diamond Mine and Castle Assault. These new titles on cassette cost just 1.99 and all five games are available on one game disk at 9.95.


Recently released from Ariolasoft is Lapis Philosophorum, a graphic adventure featuring 83 screens, 'superb' graphics and multi-tasking. You must go in search of the Philosopher's stone to save your dying King. On disk only at 14.95.