by Michael Kempster


Issue 23

Sep/Oct 86

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Help Super Clown! His fate is in your hands as you manoeuvre his trampoline to ensure that he can bounce up and burst the balloons. If he misses the trampoline, splat! Another clown will have to take his place but there are not that many clowns in the circus so take care. Super Clown is one of those addictive games, like Breakout, that will have you coming back for 'just one more try'.


If you use a disk drive you need type in only the main listing and save it with a filename of your choice. Then just type RUN "D:yourfilename" and you're away. If you use cassette you can also just type the main listing using CSAVE and CLOAD as usual but you might like to also use the loader routine in Listing 2 which gives you a display and will automatically run the main program. If you want to use this loader, type it in first and save it to tape with SAVE "C:". Then type in the main listing and save it immediately after the first listing using CSAVE. Rewind the tape and type RUN "C:". The programs will automatically load and run.

Whichever way you save the game, make sure you use TYPO 3 to check the listings.


A brief title screen will appear while the graphics are defined followed by the playing screen and the words PRESS START. You may change levels at this stage by pressing the SELECT key. Every two levels the trampoline will shorten and more points per balloon can be scored. To begin play press either START or the fire button on the joystick.

At the start of the game, the clown jumps off the trampoline and up towards the rows of balloons. You can control his direction by moving the trampoline before the clown bounces off. Moving the trampoline to the left will make the clown go leftwards as he bounces up and moving the trampoline to the right will make him go right. Just for a change, the clown will sometimes bounce straight down from a balloon instead of at an angle, so be prepared.

Extra lives are awarded depending on the level, at 1500, 2500 and 3500 points but this will depend at what level you start.

You do not have to burst all the balloons. When 8 are left the next Ievel begins and the trampoline is shortened. To pause a game just press any key and use the fire button to restart.

That's it. Good luck, enjoy the game, and see if you can beat my high score of 13,000!

AtariLister - requires Java