Water Ski School

by Steve Hind


Issue 23

Sep/Oct 86

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Water-Ski-School needs a 48K or 64K machine to create the machine code program. The cassette or disk created can be run on a 32K machine but not a 16K system.


It's your second week at the Water Ski School, the first week you had no problem skiing but this week it's a bit different. The first problem is those ramps that you have to jump, but the worst problem is your boat driver has been taken sick and it's up to you, while skiing, to drive the boat as well!

You control the boat by moving the stick while holding down the button. By not holding the button you are controlling the skier. The idea of the game is to move down the river with the skier jumping the ramps. The boat will sink if it hits anything. The skier will fall into the water if he hits anything apart from the ramp, which he has to hit centrally. Also, if the boat moves while the skier is jumping then he will be pulled over and fall into the water. You get the 100 points for every jump, if you jump six ramps by the time you reach the river end then you go on to the next level. You are given four lives.


The program is listed in the usual machine code loader style, developed by ANALOG magazine. It has one new feature. You will notice in the listing some lines saying 'BLANK', this is to save you typing a line of 90 zeros. The program will replace these with zeros when you run it.

Both cassette and disk users need to type in listing No 1. and SAVE or CSAVE a copy. You can also check it with TYPO. When you run the program you will need to answer whether you want cassette or disk, enter 0 or 1 and 'RETURN' and wait as it goes through the listing checking your typing. If an error message appears correct the line and try again. Once any mistakes have been corrected you will be asked to ready disk or cassette, do this and press 'RETURN'. The lines will now be read again and written to either cassette or disk. 

The cassette version can be loaded by pressing 'START' while switching your computer on (holding OPTION is not necessary as BASIC is turned off by the game). Please note the cassette version requires a long tape, C30 or longer.

Disk users should type in Listing No 2. This will load and run the file created with Listing No 1. Listing No 2 should be saved on the same disk as Listing 1.


This game was originally written as an entry to a games writing competition of the Nottingham Microcomputer Club. It was written with the use of the MAC65 assembler. I split the source code up into twelve small blocks which at assembly time were all put together with the .INCLUDE command. Splitting up a large piece of source code into blocks makes it easy to read and alter, not to mention the fact that the source code takes up about 450 sectors of a disk and so would not fit into memory all at once. I have purchased and used several assemblers and find the MAC/65 to be the best mainly due to its speed. If I put all the separate source code files for Water Ski School on the 130XE ramdisk I can assemble it in about 17 seconds, where as others can take up to 17 minutes.

Listing 1 - .obj file

AtariLister - requires Java

Listing 2 - Loader



Water Ski School - 2003 VERSION


Steve Hind has kindly provided page6.org with an updated version containing several enhancements. Below you can download an .ATR image containing the program, WSS2.COM, together with the assembly language source code.