Flying High

by Allan Knopp


Issue 24

Nov/Dec 86

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Welcome to Flying High in which you must help Freddy explore rooms, burst balloons and find how to access the 'mystery box' in the centre of the screen.

Freddy is controlled by a joystick in port 0. He can walk left or right and, by pushing the stick up, he can fly upwards using the propeller on his hat. Conveyors may help him along (or they may not!). The object is to make Freddy visit each section of every screen at least once whilst trying to pop balloons and avoid the 'Zapper'. Much of the challenge of the game is to work out the correct route to reach all screens as some sections can only be reached in a certain way.

Freddy starts out with five lives and loses one each time he is touched by the Zapper. He gets an extra life when he pops five and ten balloons but loses all lives if he runs out of fuel. At least ten balloons must be popped during the game but it does not matter if they are popped by Freddy or by the Zapper. Once Freddy has popped ten balloons and visited every section of each screen, he must find his way back to screen one to touch the object in the 'mystery box'

Flying High is not a fast action game but will take a while to puzzle out. Keep an eye on the status line at the top of the screen which is updated whenever you enter a new room and remember to keep Freddy flying high!

AtariLister - requires Java