Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 24

Nov/Dec 86

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48K Cassette 9.99 

1 Player
1 Joystick/Keyboard

It's arrived at last - the official cassette version of GHOSTBUSTERS, Activision's top-selling computer game based on the popular film of the same name.


Activision are plugging this cassette release as an enhancement of the original but, in actual fact, it's identical to the disk version which has been around for quite a while now. They claim a superior musical soundtrack, improved graphics and faster, smoother action for Atari GHOSTBUSTERS compared with other computer versions of the game, but then we don't need Activision to tell us that. We already know anyway!

A lengthy review of this game appeared in issue 16, so I won't repeat myself here. All the 'disk' features are incorporated in the cassette version, right down to the voice synthesis and the mocking laugh which barks out hysterically when the cassette is first booted up.

An easy game to get to grips with - despite all that complicated equipment - and, even though it may not tax the capabilities of all those mega-arcade freaks out there, it's quite difficult enough for the rest of us mere mortals (use the high performance Ectomobile if you want a real challenge).

An undoubted classic and one which shot Activision straight up into the bigshot league, but this cassette version really should have been released along with the disk original. Let's hope they haven't left it too late?