Issue 24

Nov/Dec 86


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CIO SLIDESHOW (ISSUE 20): The author Ian Finlayson has discovered a small bug which causes problems when a picture is given an 8 letter filename. The solution is to amend line 100 as follows

100 F$(3,10) = A$(3,10):FOR N = 4 TO 11 :IF F$(N,N)=" " THEN F$(N,N+3)=".PIC"

HIDDEN DEPTHS (ISSUE 22): At the end of the game you have to input the skill level twice in order to play again. To avoid this simply delete lines 5620 and 5630.

QUICK DISASSEMBLER (ISSUE 21): Reader Andrew Clegg has submitted the following routine which will enable the output to be directed to a printer rather than the screen. Simply add these lines to the original program

AtariLister - requires Java