Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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If all those late nights at the computer are proving too much for you then Mind Link Communications Inc. might have just the product to allow you to relax while still remaining totally addicted to your Atari!

The Canadian based company have released THE MIND TUNER for all 8 bit Ataris, a unique program that claims to help manage stress and to improve personality and performance using proven psychological principles. It is not a game but an attempt to use the computer seriously in a beneficial way. The program comes with a 42 page booklet explaining the principles and how to apply them and what's more they guarantee results!

If you are interested you can get more details from Mind Link Communications Inc. Box 488, 36, Adelaide Street E., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5C 2J6. The program costs $24.95 U.S plus shipping.


Some new compilations from U.S. Gold on cassette at 9.99. Two collections entitled Shoot 'Em Up featuring Super Zaxxon, Dropzone, Blue Max 2001 and Fort Apocalypse and Scott Adams Scoops with Voodoo Castle, Strange Odyssey, Buckaroo Bonzai and Pirate Adventure. By the way did you know that Adventure International had gone into liquidation? It looks though as if their titles may survive in other guises.


The Robico adventure RICK HANSON should be with you now and it is claimed to give Level 9 a run for their money! In a recent Awards ceremony in A & B Computing magazine, Rick Hanson was voted Best Electron Adventure, Best Tape Based BBC Adventure (jointly with Worm in Paradise) and Robico's Enthar Seven was voted Best Overall Adventure.

Improved versions are promised for the XL/XE so it looks as if adventurers are in for a treat!


The world famous game comes at last to your computer and you now have the chance to contribute towards another yacht in the Bahamas for the inventors! Domark have the computer rights and as well as the Genus Edition have now brought out a Young Players Edition available as a separate game for the XL/XE at 14.95 on cassette and 19.95 on disk. Do you know how many hairs Tweetie Pie has on his head? Your Atari will now know the answer.


XLENT Software, who have produced some excellent utilities for Atari such as Megafont, now have a UK company to bring their products to the European market. XLENT Software (UK) is headed by Mike Reynolds-Jones also Managing Director of Software Express although the two companies are totally separate. Initial releases will be for the ST but XLENT's existing 8-bit products will also be released together with new products including a low price word processor which has received very favourable comment in the States.

One of the aims of the UK company is to concentrate on software that is genuinely useful and that will allow Atari owners to use their computers in more productive ways. New products will only be announced when realistic release dates are known as the company's directors feel that too many products have been announced in the past by other companies which never reach the market. This serves only to frustrate users and retailers alike who seldom know what to believe. Three products for the ST have been announced (see ST News section) and other titles will be announced throughout the coming year.


For those interested in the more esoteric side of computing such as amateur television or robots, a new newsletter called SIGNEWS recently came our way. Issue 2 has only eight pages but is full of the sort of information you don't normally see published. They are looking for more contributions on any minority interest. If you are interested drop a line to Glenn Leader, 143, Richmond Road, Leytonstone, London, Ell 4BT for more details.

Those interested deeply in Adventures might like to subscribe to Adventure Contact run by Pat Winstanley at 13, Hollington Way, Wigan, WN3 6LS. Their excellent little newsletter features little for the Atari but will be interesting for those deeply hooked on adventures. It is aimed primarily at those who write, or want to write, their own adventures.