Sabre Label/Sabre Base

Reviewed by Alan Goldsbro


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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Sabre Soft

48k Disk

After Word processing, Databases are the most popular of the serious applications available for computers and for programmers and others keeping track of your disks and producing mailing labels ranks high amongst priorities. Sabre Soft has brought out a product that effectively covers both of these requirements. Both programs are for the XL/XE/400/ 800 range and, requiring BASIC are available on a double sided disk.

SABRE LABEL has three sections, Address Labels, Binary Labels (Disk Directory) and Miscellaneous Labels.
Booting up the program takes you only a minute, through the title screen onto a menu using an altered character set which is quite readable. Selecting any one of the above sections will take you through a well planned and trapped procedure. The address section for instance will allow you to create a label of up to forty characters wide and five lines deep. Editing facilities are available at all times with verification on many points. Any number of labels from 1 to 100 can be printed using a range of different print styles. Labels can be saved to disk for future use and merged with a word processor if required.

Of the other two options, Binary Label function will read a DOS 2 or 2.5 disk directory with or without your choice of title and disk number and Miscellaneous Labels gives you eight lines to type in your own detail or any kind. All labels may be saved to Disk and the program will accept printer codes inserted into the label area to configure individual lines of text to for mixed print styles.

SABRE BASE is a menu driven system to read data from your program disks or catalogue Binary or Multi boot type disks. The main menu is made up of a number of items which allow you to input data, store, sort, search, retrieve and print data, create data disk, delete data, send data to text file and set up RAM disk. Up to four different data file names may be held on each disk.

Without going into too much detail, this program will take all the hard work out of creating and maintaining a database of your programs on disk. With full sort, both numerically and alphabetically and a comprehensive search facility, the program even has printer control. Sabre base will allow you the luxury of 'listing' the database to disk in an ASCII format suitable for merging into most word processors.

The label program worked well indeed, giving a range of printer styles and control. I found the program well trapped and friendly to use. Sabre Base unfortunately proved to be difficult to load, my review copy could only be loaded through DOS. It actually took a couple of minutes to boot up, unfortunately I have no idea whether this was a design fault or the disk being corrupted however the program was well trapped and easy to use. The sort feature was a little slow, it took two minutes to alphabetise thirty-five entries but the Search facility was much faster taking only five seconds on average to find your selection.

Overall I thought the program was good value for money at only 4.95 for a double-sided disk with a surprisingly well written 34 page manual. Available by post only from Sabre Soft of Cambridge.