Quest For The Maltese Chicken

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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48k Disk 9.95

48k cassette 7.95

1 Player


A parody of the Bogart private eye movie 'The Maltese Falcon', QUEST FOR THE MALTESE CHICKEN is a nifty little platform game with clear, colourful graphics, a catchy title tune, and just about the correct level of playability - at least for yours truly to cope with!

Detective Bogey has taken on a new case - to retrieve the fabulous 'Golden Egg' of the MALTESE CHICKEN which it lays only once every blue moon, or every time Ocean release an Atari game - whichever comes first! Bogey has traced the chicken to it's mountain hideout and, to reach it's nest, he must first pass through the underground Enchanted Castle, dodging ores, fireballs, soldiers, arrows, witches (similar to mother-in-laws but not quite as ugly), snakes, and even killer balloons, whilst leaping across gaping chasms in his quest for that elusive egg!

Bogey begins at the top of each screen and must make his way to the exit at the bottom, collecting several keys along the way which eventually give him access to the next screen. There are 5 different screens in all before he locates the egg and thus advances to the next level of play. just to keep things interesting, more and more adversaries are added as the levels progress.

As good as Sidewinder is, I rate the MALTESE CHICKEN as Futureware's best game so far. All credit to them for supporting the Atari and let's hope they continue to do so with games of this quality. Play it again, Sam!!