Screaming Wings

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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48k Disk 9.95
48k Cassette 7.95

1 player
1 joystick/keyboard

Let's do this review back to front for a change, shall we? I'm going to start off by saying 'Buy this game now'. If you don't, you're going to miss out on the fastest, meanest shoot-em-up on the Atari since the brilliant Dropzone.

An initial glimpse of the ace loading screen (disk version), left me with the feeling that this game was going to be something special. I wasn't to be disappointed. SCREAMING WINGS is almost identical to the arcade game '1942' and puts you at the controls of a Lockheed Lightning fighter plane in the battle-scarred South Pacific during World War II.

The screen view looks down on the action from above, with continuous vertical scrolling in the same manner as Xevious, Flak and other such games. Press 'Start' and you are catapulted from the deck of your fleet aircraft carrier straight into the thick of the action. The Japs will hit you with everything they can, including kamikaze Zero fighters which home in on you like heat-seeking missiles! Throw yourself into a 'loop-the-loop' to avoid them.

Collect the 'X' explosions for extra firepower and the 'D' explosions for a special 'destruction' bomb which destroys everything in sight. An escort aircraft appears at random intervals. It flies in front of you for a limited period and acts as a shield, making your plane invulnerable to enemy firepower. If you make it back to your carrier, there's barely time to pause for breath before being catapulted out again to face the next wave of Zeros!


Everything about this game merits praise. It has great graphics, realistic sound effects, and riveting background music which can be turned off if it disturbs your concentration. Anyway, why am I wasting my time here when there's a war waiting to be won? Those darn Nips never give up, do they? Bandits at 12 o'clock high......