Issue 26

Mar/Apr 87

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Microprose Software, the company known for some of the very best simulations on the Atari, opened offices in the U.K. towards the end of last year and are now actively looking for top class Atari software writers with the promise of making them 'millionaires almost overnight'!

Stewart Bell, managing director of Microprose in the U.K. was quite outspoken towards the end of last year about other software houses who he claimed treated end users as if they had 'IQ's less than orang-utans' and he wanted higher standards for the Atari, based on Microprose's own unequalled excellence in developing simulation software. Now, Simon Barnard, software development manager has started the hunt for Atari programmers who can come up to the company's high standards, not only in developing simulations but also arcade style games.

Any programmers with ability can expect full co-operation and support from Microprose who claim to spend in excess of $1 million in the States developing its simulation blockbusters. If you fancy your chances give Simon Barnard a ring on 0666 54326 or drop Microprose a line at Microprose Software Ltd., 2, Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DA.

Apart from the chance of getting even more quality software, Microprose setting up in the UK must be good news for all Atari owners with increased availability of their existing titles, including F-15 Strike Eagle, Kennedy Approach and Crusade in Europe among the eight Atari 8-bit titles currently available on both disk and cassette.


Next in Infocom's famous series of adventures is Hollywood Hijinx a 'wacky tribute to 'B' movies'.

You have inherited the entire estate of your Hollywood mogul uncle Buddy but with one stipulation - you can only claim your booty if you find ten treasures hidden throughout the sprawling mansion, and you must find them all in one night! Infocom say that the game is loaded with puzzles that recall the pure logic problems of Zork and contains one of their zaniest puzzles yet. On Atari XL/XE at 24.99 and ST at 29.99.


Sandra Sharkey is the Editor of a nice little Adventurer's newsletter called Adventure Probe. It doesn't feature much directly about the Atari but that is probably because none of you actually subscribe and write to her! What it does have, which could be of interest to anyone having problems with an adventure is a whole series of maps and solutions to over 130 adventures(!), many of which appear on the Atari.

Plenty of hints, gossip, help and adventure trivia in the newsletter which, unusually, is available on a subscription from as short as 1 month to 12 months. Send an s.a.e. to Adventure Probe, 78, Merton Road, Highfield, Wigan, WN3 6AT for more details.


Look out for more goodies but cheapies from Mastertronic. Scheduled for release at the beginning of the year were Gunlaw, Masterchess, Back To Reality, Despatch Rider and Xcel.

Keep 'em coming, especially if they are good!


Surely you must know? He's some sort of wizard computer programmer from Nottingham, isn't he? He must be because he has a new game out from CDS Software called BRIAN CLOUGH'S FOOTBALL FORTUNES.

Claimed to be different from other computer games, because it is in fact a 'board game' (I'm confused!), it is said to combine the speed of computers with the social aspects of best selling board games and was written with plenty of
advice from Brian Clough himself. I bet those programmers went through hell! Between two and five players take on the role of team managers and each must steer his team through the season in a ten strong league with other teams managed by the computer or other players.

Lot's of extras with the cassette or disk, including a playing board, players cards and money! Prices are 14.95 on cassette and 17.95 on disk. Should be in the shops now.


In a very welcome move, providing they can actually get everything onto the market in reasonable time, U.S. Gold have announced that they have acquired the rights to the range of SSI and Broderbund software which includes some of the most famous wargames of all time as well as long established classics such as Print Shop. Virtually the whole range of SSI products will now be marketed by U.S. Gold at (hopefully) reasonable prices, certainly less than the 50 or more you have had to pay for imports up to now.

The Broderbund range includes a whole variety of programs and their back catalogue will appear on the budget Americana label. As well as best sellers such as Print Shop there will be a series of interactive adventures.

U.S. Gold's press release doesn't actually say that there will be Atari versions of all the titles but seeing as both companies made their names with Atari in the States, we can but hope for a real bounty!