By John Gymer


Issue 26

Mar/Apr 87

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Winter is closing in fast. In order for Sam Squirrel to survive the cold season he must collect all the nuts in the nearby gardens. Sam is a very nervous squirrel though, so nervous in fact that he is frightened of his own footprints! If, on helping him round, you tread on an area that he has already visited Sam will likely die of a heart attack!

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, like every good game, there's always a snag. There is something nasty in the gardens. Sam is not sure what it is but being a squeamish squirrel (with a weak heart?) he is surely going to lose a life if that nasty thing touches him. Depending on the chosen skill level, it will chase Sam about the garden and if it succeeds in catching him, he will immediately lose a life.

When a whole garden has been cleared of nuts, Sam will go to the next one. Altogether, there are five different gardens, and once Sam has completed all of them, he will go back to the first by which time more nuts will have fallen.


Use a joystick in port 1 to control Sam's movement - left or right will move him horizontally and up or down will move him back and forth across the garden.

Allow approximately twenty seconds for initialisation, after which time the title screen will appear. By pushing the joystick backwards and forwards you will be able to alter the skill level (1-6). When this is as desired, press START or the fire button to start play.


For any budding programmers, I have included a list of the 'main' variables and subroutines. Also, anyone wanting a decent sprite move routine may find the machine code from lines 1130 to 1190 useful. To operate this function use USR(1536, Location of move data, Location of put data, Length of move data).

You may find this routine useful for scrolling screens too.


BX, BX1, BX3, BX4 Hold horizontal positions of the 'nasty thing'
BY, BY1, BY3, BY4 Hold vertical positions of the 'nasty thing'
BYTE$ Holds machine code to copy down character set
CHACT Address of character to be POKEd
HISC High Score
LEV Level/Garden
LIV Lives left
MEM Address of character set
NUTS How many nuts needed
PMBASE Used in P, M setting up and vertical movements
S$ Characters to be re-defined
SC Score
SKI Skill Level
ST Nuts collected
X1, X2, X3, X4 Hold horizontal positions of squirrel
Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 Hold vertical positions of squirrel.


0-130 Set up main variables
140-420 Movement of squirrel
430-580 Movement of 'nasty thing'
590-650 Lose a life
660-690 Pick up a nut
700-750 'Thing' tracking routine
760-810 All lives lost - game over
820-990 Title screen
1000-1120 Screen complete
1130-1310 Set up sprites
1320-1370 Draw gardens
1380-1600 Re-define character set
1610-1910 Screen data



AtariLister - requires Java