Escape From Doomworld

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 26

Mar/Apr 87

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Red Rat

9.95 disk

7.95 cassette

1 player

1 joystick





Red Rat keep churning them out (more power to their elbow!) so helping to fill the gap left by English Software, who are no longer Atari's main British software producer.

ESCAPE FROM DOOMWORLD is a three-in-one action arcade game. A group of leading Earth scientists are held captive on Doomworld and they have to be rescued before their vital knowledge can be used against us.


The first stage is like a platform game minus the ladders and you move around the levels with the aid of some clever jumping techniques. Various objects have to be collected before moving onto the second stage. Here you take to the air in your spaceship and some 'Choplifter' manoeuvres are required to pick up all the scientists and drop them safely at your base. You stay with your ship for the final stage where skilful flying is needed to negotiate an assortment of columns and collect the three bombs which will destroy the alien planet and result in the completion of your mission.

DOOMWORLD starts off quite well but fades away as you progress through the three stages. The first stage is the strongest one by far and perhaps a better game could have been written based on that idea alone?

Passable enough this one, but is it worth the asking price? Like DOMAIN OF THE UNDEAD I feel it should have been a budget game. Maybe you'd like to judge for yourselves?