Jet Set Willy

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 26

Mar/Apr 87

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1 player

1 joystick





I've never liked this game. I saw it when it was initially released on the Spectrum and Commodore and could never quite understand what all the fuss was about. Mind you, I was reared on stuff like Astrochase and Blue Max and Necromancer, so maybe that had a lot to do with it? Anyway, despite the silly little matchstick graphics and the fact that you needed a magnifying glass to even see anything on the TV screen, despite the game being full of bugs, meaning you could step into a trap and lose all your remaining lives without being able to do anything about it, despite having to type in a hundred different 'cheat' pokes to override the bugs in order to complete the game, it still managed to top the software charts and earn the dubious accolade of 'Game of the Year'.

So who's kidding who? Well, owners of those 'other' computers will defend JET SET WILLY come hell or high water and, indeed, they sang it's praises right up until the very moment they were carted off to the Funny Farm by the men in white coats. Half a million loonies can't be wrong, or can they? They'll be telling us next that the latest Status Quo single isn't exactly the same as the last one!

And now JET SET WILLY has arrived on the Atari (why us?) and, in the interests of fair-play, I am prepared to cast all prejudices aside in order to give it a fair crack of the whip. Okay, I've looked at it, played it, studied it in great detail and it's terrible!

The Atari version is an insult to the Atari. The colours are dreadful, sound non-existent apart from the brilliant theme music from master composer Rob Hubbard and the graphics are totally inferior to all other versions when we know they should be better, and the animation is a joke. Instead of the super smooth animation we are used to on the Atari, the characters move around in a jerky, stop-start motion which manages to look passable until you compare it with the Spectrum/Commodore versions. Come off it Tynesoft you can do better than this. Commodore and Spectrum owners will laugh their socks off when they see it and that's the last thing the Atari needs. Can you imagine what the mainstream 'anti-Atari' computer press are going to say should they get their hands on a review copy? They seldom miss a chance to put the Atari down.

Please try again Tynesoft - we need your continued support - but no more conversions. Stick to original material until you get to know the machine a lot better. If you want to see how it's done, take a look at STARQUAKE from Bubble Bus.