Readers Poll 1986 - The Results


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Yet again your votes showed the consistency of previous years with almost every eligible article or program receiving votes. Again the same type of articles appeared near the top of the poll indicating, hopefully, that we are continuing on the right track.

As you may know, if you are a long term reader, the basis was changed a little this year so that awards were given for the Best Article, Best Program and Best Miscellaneous. Remarkably the three programs that received the most votes overall came from each of the categories. So here, for those who can't wait any longer, is the result of the Readers Poll for 1986.

Best Article(s):



by Mark Hutchinson


Best Program:




by Paul Lay


Best Miscellaneous:




by Jim Short


Congratulations to each of the above and thank you to everybody who voted. Your interest is much appreciated. The winners will each receive a handsome trophy which we'll show you next issue (we are still waiting for it!!).

For interest, the remainder of the 'Top Ten' - those who nearly made the awards - is as follows.

Smartsheet by Ken Shin
Adventure Column by Garry Francis
A Guide to Error Codes by Steve Pedler

Ultima IV by John Sweeney

Speed Check by Garry Francis

Going Online by John Davison

Display Lists by Steve Pedler

Thank you again to all those who contributed and those who voted. Keep the contributions coming and, maybe, next year you could be the proud owner of an exclusive PAGE 6 trophy!





The Speedscript review on page 70 of Issue 26 was wrongly credited to Eddie Cross. It was written by Eddie Cousins. Sorry Eddie!