Crumble's Crisis

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Red Rat XL/XE only

64K cassette 7.95
64K disk 9.95

1 player

1 joystick








The first, it appears, in a new range of arcade adventures featuring mega-hero, Captain Crumble. This time dozens of alien Fuzzies (30 to be exact) have escaped from the Intergalactic Zoo and Crumble has to travel through the 5 levels of the multi-verse to find and snare the Fuzzies in containment cages.

It's a game which shares many similarities with Starquake but with enough fresh ideas to make it sufficiently different. Crumble is equipped with a back-pack Hovver Unit to enable him to move quickly around the caverns of the multi-verse. He must avoid touching most of the walls (composite anti-matter very deadly!) but there are 'safe' areas which are okay to walk on.


Ghosts, Goblins and Evil Weevals all attempt to hinder his progress and drain his energy packs and these become more obnoxious as you advance through the five zones. It's also wise to keep moving or Time-Lightning will strike at your energy packs and drain them with remarkable speed. Luckily, extra energy can be obtained by collecting suitable items scattered around the multi-verse.

The Fuzzies have a sick sense of humour and have hidden themselves in the most dangerous locations imaginable. Rounding them up could prove to be quite an achievement. There are certain tricks you must learn to help you negotiate the zones but, if all else fails, there is a practice option available after level one to help you test out your ideas.

CRUMBLE'S CRISIS is an absolute corker and Crumble himself the most instantly appealing character to hit the Atari since Jet Boot Jack. Graphics, sound, animation and gameplay are truly astounding and, once again, the game features a stunning comic title screen and accompanying music from that man Richard Munns. I must thank Red Rat for the special review copy which allowed me to view and play the 5 different zones. Each zone has it's own unique and complex design (Zone 4 - 'Moon World'- is my own particular favourite) and the graphical content has to be seen to be believed. Just wait till you get a glimpse of the flapping telephones and snapjaw scissors!

Classic games are few and far between these days. Hopefully, CRUMBLE'S CRISIS will change all that. Brilliant!!