Caverns of Eriban

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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1.99 cassette only
1 player

1 joystick






Yet another new release in Firebird's 'Silver 199' budget range. CAVERNS OF ERIBAN is a game with some sort of logical method to it instead of the usual 'zap & blast' stuff.

As pilot of a mine supply ship it's your job to pick up surface supplies from the main depot and deliver them to various mining depots situated deep in the underground caverns of the planet Eriban. You are limited to carrying 5 supply pods at a time and, once they've been dropped off, it's back to the surface for refueling and more supplies.

Nothing to it, eh? No such luck. The caverns are protected by ancient defence mechanisms and the old trigger finger will be put to the test at every turn. And have you tried to manoeuvre a spaceship through the tight caverns and chambers of Eriban? No, I bet you haven't. Imagine trying to pilot Concorde through the Wookey Hole and you'll get some idea of what's required!

This game reminds me of THRUST in many respects, but the additional elements give it lots more depth and certainly more long lasting appeal. One more thing - if you bought THRUST and couldn't handle the keyboard only input, you'll be pleased to learn that ERIBAN features full joystick control.

Not in the same league as WAR HAWK maybe but still cheap at twice the price. More please Firebird!