Robot Knights

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Red Rat
48k disk

48k cassette

1/2 players

1/2 joysticks





Mad genius Evil Otto, a sort of 25th Century Dr. Frankenstein, escapes from Futureworld into the past. Your Robot Knights follow him and must find his laboratory and destroy the monster he has created before time runs out. You'll have to fight off the Guardian Zombies who will attack you with fireballs as you progress through all the dungeons & chambers of Castle Klang..... This sets the scene for ROBOT KNIGHTS, another new release this month from Red Rat.

It's a platform game with an added adventure theme to add some originality and features single player gameplay or a 2-player combined option. In single player mode you control SIR BRAVE (or SIR BOLD if you prefer), a Knight of great distinction, who is equipped with a handy Deflector-Shield. This is used to fend off fireballs and plasma-globes which are launched at you by Otto's guardian creatures. Zombies are the most common. These pitiful creatures are the result of Otto's failed experiments on the peasant villagers of the area.


You begin the game with only one life and 1000 energy units. You lose energy by contacting a fireball, plasma-globe, zombie or other creature, or by falling off a platform above head height. You gain extra energy by collecting energy sources which are found in some rooms of the castle. Lose all your energy and you lose your head ..... literally!!

There are nine different rooms to negotiate - Dungeons I & II, the Secret Passage, the Lost Cavern, the Store Room, the Great Hall, Otto's Room, the Transformer Room and, finally, the Laboratory. Each room has to be cleared of all it's items and inhabitants before the door opens to allow you through to the next one. You repeat the process in subsequent rooms until you reach the laboratory where Otto is located. Destroy him before the monster destroys you!

In 2-player mode, the second player controls SIR BOLD who is armed with an Energy-Bow. You can fight each other or, more sensibly, combine your resources against Otto and his creatures. The 2-player mode is a lot of fun and gives you double the chance of advancing through the dungeon levels.

ROBOT KNIGHTS rates just below the two 'Crumble' games but is still a cut above most of the recent releases. The graphics are big and bold, the screens well designed, and gameplay at a suitable level of difficulty for most people to cope with (I used play level three as the other two are a bit 'slow motion' for my taste). Oh yes, and the high-score table with it's Olde English text is a nice touch and compliments the 13th Century game setting.

If Red Rat maintain this standard, each new release will command the same attention as those early Synapse games. Who said the 8-bit was dead?