Up, Up & Away

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Bug Byte

2.99 cassette only
1 player

1 joystick







Bug Byte have resurrected another 'Golden Oldie' from Starcade which dates from 1983 when it was a product of Ringblack Software. You control a hot-air balloon travelling sedately across a scrolling countryside. Your journey is a precarious one and lightning, wayward kites, downdrafts from windmills and updrafts from factory chimneys will keep you on your toes. A crash course in elementary ballooning is recommended!

And then you have to contend with delinquent Leeds Utd. fans (are there any other kind?) throwing stones at you, crazy aeroplane pilots who obviously trained with the 'Gary Numan School of Safe Flying', and also mischievous birds who seem to be no they can't be doing that, can they? They wouldn't dare!

Extra fuel is gained by landing at strategic stopping places along your route and, if you survive long enough to reach your starting point again, the game advances to the next level of play. There are several such levels of increasing difficulty.

The only thing which ruined the original version was the theme music - a slow, painful rendition of 'Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?'- but it's missing from this re-release. I guess Starcade didn't like it either!

A delightful program with charming cartoon style graphics and it is also one of the few non-violent games around - not a zap in sight. Go on, spoil yourself. It's worth three quid surely?