Molecule Man

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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2.99 cassette

1 player
1 joystick/keyboard


This is one of those 3-D maze arcade adventures initially made famous by Ultimate on the Spectrum when they pioneered this style of game with hits like ALIEN 8. Firebird recently introduced Atari owners to this format with a cute little number entitled 'Chimera' and this game runs along much the same lines.

MOLECULE MAN - a sort of golf ball on legs - is lost in an enormous maze of 256 different locations. Time and radiation are against him and you must guide him to safety via a teleporter. Trouble is 16 circuits are required to operate the teleporter and these must be found and collected first.

Cash is the key to everything. Find a coin and you can buy time, life pills or bombs which will destroy parts of the maze normally impassable. You begin with only twenty seconds on the clock to find your first coin and, so far, I've tried every which way but loose but I've never come across one yet! I'd appreciate some help here!

The graphics are largely in black and white due to using the highest resolution mode available. The maze artwork is astounding with plenty of intricate detail thanks mainly, I suspect, to the genius of S.A. Riding who is responsible for the Atari version. Am I right in assuming this is the same S.A. Riding who programmed 'Airstrike' for English Software?

MOLECULE MAN is a 'toughie' which should keep determined gamesters happy during the long winter months.