Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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GREAT BRITAIN LTD (ISSUE 27): Apologies to 400/ 800 owners, the program will not run as listed as it uses the International Character Set found only in the XL/XE range. The fix is simple, just change the POKE in line 1060 from POKE 756,204 to POKE 756,224. Instead of the sign you will get CONTROL-H symbols throughout but this does not detract from the game. You could, if you wished, replace all CONTROL-H's throughout the listings with $ (or whatever) but there are a lot of them!

SIERPINSKI CURVES (ISSUE 27): Thanks to Bill Kidston for a couple of updates to this program. Another level of detail can be added by increasing lines 15 and 50 by 1 viz:

Yet another level can be added using Graphics 8 by amending as follows.

Line 55 should be deleted.

SOLID MODELLING (ISSUE 26): Andre Kosmos from the Netherlands sent in a small amendment to the INTRO program to make it automatically run the main program. Just add the following line and run D:INTRO.3D as usual.

You can also of course use SETUP.COM from DOS 2.5 to make an AUTORUN.SYS for the INTRO program and make a full autoboot disk.

SMARTSHEET (ISSUE 27): The fix in the letters page of issue 27 is wrong (our fault). Many thanks to Mr Charles for reading his own letter(!) and Bill Kidston who pointed out that the line needs to be split in two otherwise the second statement might never be processed. The correct (we hope!) fix is as follows

Thanks also to Mike Sapsard who pointed out that there is an error in the SUM function which can be fixed by amending line 1410. The statement in that line FOR Z = A-1 TO F should read FOR Z = A-1 TO F-1.