Ninja Mission

Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 29

Sep/Oct 87

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Price: 9.95

This is the first in Mastertronic's budget range of games for the ST. Basically Ninja Mission' is the old Mastertronic game 'Ninja' ported across from the 8-bit computers, however the graphics have been improved a fair bit.

Upon loading the game, you are greeted with quite an impressive picture, along with a fairly good tune. The tune was written by David Whittaker, who I believe is quite well known for his musical creations on the Commodore 64. The game has you playing the part of a Ninja who has to 'Enter the Temple of Death and regain the glowing idols stolen from the Princess by the Hordes of Darkness'. What this really means is that Ninja Mission' is an arcade adventure where you go around picking things up, and instead of shooting little robots or whatever, you have to beat them up, Ninja style.

The mission begins at the Tori, and here you will usually find a Ninja star or two lying on the ground. You pick this up and then head off to either the left or right hand side of the screen. When you leave the screen, everything goes black and the name of the next screen comes up in suitably chunky Chinese style writing. This is all very pretty, but it does slow down the game considerably. Other than that the game is quite playable and enjoyable if you like beat 'ern up games. The sprites are very good, being fairly large and reasonably detailed (not as much as the International Karate sprites though!) and they move quite smoothly. The joystick reacts quite well unlike on some karate games, and there is a reasonable number of moves, some of which I have not come across before in any other Karate game, involving such things as a Samurai sword and the ninja stars.

Overall this isn't a bad game but it is not the game that will 'Blow the black belts off all the others' as the packaging claims. The price is good, although I still don't count nearly ten quid to be a budget release