Issue 29

Sep/Oct 87

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SHOGI (ISSUE 25): Author Malcom Allison discovered a few bugs in the original program when converting it to another machine and has sent in the following amendments.

DESIGNER LABELS (ISSUE 26): Several readers had a problem with printing large labels. Gordon Sinclair tells us that the solution is to simply delete CHR$(20) in lines 1930 and 1950.

GREAT BRITAIN LTD (ISSUE 27): John Foden spotted a couple of minor errors in the listing and suggests the following amendments to the name input routine.

Lines 455 and 490 should be deleted and :GOTO 430 should be added to the end of line 480. In addition A$ should be DIMensioned to 25 in line 160 otherwise line 480 will never execute.

A couple of other amendments are to delete the quotation marks from around CHR$(125) in line 660 and delete the inverse quotation mark in line 2520

COMPUTER GAMMON (ISSUE 27): Peter Guerrier has discovered that if your opponent presses his fire button when it is your move the computer accepts it as your move. Alter line 495 to


See also Dave Hitchens' article elsewhere.