The Castle Of Cire-Nampahc

By Eric Chapman


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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A 100% machine code adventure

To celebrate our fifth birthday issue, the Disk for this Issue will have a special bonus on the reverse side a 100%; machine code adventure that is too long to fit in the magazine. Remember this program is only available on the Disk for Issue 30. Disk subscribers will receive their copy automatically but you can purchase the disk separately for just 3.95. Send 3.95 to PAGE 6, P.O. BOX 54, STAFFORD, ST16 1DR and the Disk with all the programs from this issue AND the bonus adventure will be on its way to you.


'The Castle of Cire-Nampahc' is a text adventure in the traditional style. It contains a large number of locations, numerous objects to be manipulated, and an extensive vocabulary.

The primary object of the game is to escape from the castle. A secondary objective is to gain the maximum number of points (1000) in doing so. Points are awarded for discovering valuable objects and eventually transporting them outside the castle. Points are also gained for overcoming obstacles and for reaching certain strategic situations.

The castle is not without its dangers of course, and though these are not likely to be immediately fatal it is not advisable to collect too many bumps and grazes. All of the dangerous situations can be overcome by logical means, albeit slightly tongue-in-cheek at times.


At each stage you will be presented with a description of the location, followed by the request 'What shall I do?'. Type a one or two word command, followed by RETURN. If the command is recognised it will be actioned and an appropriate response given. If the command is not understood you will be told so. You can type more than two words if you wish, if so, the first two words which are in the program's vocabulary will be taken to be the command. For example, FOR PETE'S SAKE GET THE WRETCHED LAMP!' would be understood as 'GET LAMP'.

Movement commands can be entered merely by the initial letter of the direction, i.e. N(orth), S(outh), E(ast), W(est), U(p) and D(own). These commands can also be entered in full if you wish. Other useful commands are:-


INVENTORY list the objects carried
SCORE print the current score
LOOK describe the current location
SAVE GAME save the current status for future retrieval

RESTORE GAME restore a previously saved position.


To solve the adventure you will almost certainly need to make a map. Remember that passages can twist and turn, so that a move in the opposite direction to your previous move will not necessarily take you back where you came from. However there is no magic or other inconsistency in the game, so it can be solved entirely by logic.

Watch out for clues which are given from time to time. These are usually not obvious, but if you think about the reasons for some of the statements, or the objects which are present, you may get some ideas for making progress. If a command is not understood, it may be worth rephrasing it.

If you get stuck it is probably best to save your current position and leave the game for another day. It is fairly difficult to solve, so you will not complete it in one sitting anyway. Depending on your experience and perseverance, it will probably take several weeks or even months.

Remember, THE CASTLE OF CIRE NAMPAHC is only available on PAGE 6 Issue 30 Disk.