Reviewed by Paul Rixon


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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Atlantis Software

1 player
1 joystick/ keyboard







It's the year 2087 and the world has been completely devastated by a nuclear war. Presumably you've managed to get 'The Last V8' back to Sci-base and now it's time to think about rescuing the survivors of the war, who are trapped inside a damaged hibernation dome. You have enrolled the expertise of three specialist Droids to search the seven levels of the dome and retrieve the 135 missing persons.

Damage to the building has caused numerous boulders to dislodge and block many of the pathways, so a knowledge of boulder-physics would be rather useful. Yes folks, it's Boulderdash revisited!! Some of the rocks landed on top of 'MK.1 Guardian Droids' who had been maintaining the life support systems, transforming them into hostile monsters. Keep an eye open for these!

Each Droid under your control has a specific function and you must utilize these talents to succeed. The first is used for tunnelling, the second for rescuing the survivors and the third for shifting boulders. Rockford could teach this lot a thing or two! Switching between Droids by keyboard input is frequently necessary during play and this tends to become tedious after a while.

The playfield is based upon a graphics mode one screen, so there are only three colours available the default hues have been used and the display is generally very blocky, although at least everything is very big, bold and conspicuous.

Scrolling is the biggest failing of the game. The screen jerks over an inch at a time, which is extremely irritating to the point where it detracts from gameplay. It's not so bad if you move at a snail's pace, but then the timer runs down before you've had a chance to complete the task. Hisses and beeps are all you're likely to hear in the way of sound effects.

SURVIVORS isn't a bad game at the budget price, but it's not one I would instantly recommend. As for that scrolling !!